September 2019: Pal Benko, 1928-2019

August 2019: Overlooked No More

July 2019: A Morbid Aversion to Draws

June 2019: The Tranquility of Max Warmerdam Draws

May 2019: Misha and Sally

April 2019: Sweets & Chocolates from the World Champion

March 2019 In Celebration of Napoleon

February 2019 Carlsen Iconoclast

January 2019 A Gift from God


December 2018 The Greatest Natural Talent

November 2018 Affluent Islanders

October 2018 Four Botjes

September 2018 Lessons from Viktor Kortchnoi

August 2018 A Strong-willed Champion

July 2018 Playing Bughouse with Garry Kasparov

June 2018 Gamesters & Tricksters

May 2018:  Speed Devils

April 2018: Johan van Hulst (1911-2018)

March 2018: A Meeting with Salvador Dali

February 2018: A Walk to the High Dune

January 2018: The Importance of Being World Champion


December 2017: Stockfish as Guide and Oracle

November 2017: William Lombardy, A Difficult and Gifted Man

October 2017: Ballet Girls, Penguins and Polar Bears

September 2017: Kasparov Came, Lost and Recovered

August 2017: China's Rise

July 2017: An Amazing Chess Family

June 2017: Wim Andriessen, Founder New in Chess

May 2017: Stockfish as Artist

April 2017: A Romantic Visitor from London

March 2017: Return of an Old Hand

February 2017: The Finest Tournament in the World

January 2017: Beauty and Laughter


January 2016: Christmas in Qatar

February 2016: No Chance against the New York Times

March 2016: The Real Morse

April 2016: Can Giri Save Dutch Chess?

May 2016: Newsmen's Rivalry

June 2016: Sun, Beer, Blitz

July 2016: Suicidal Knights

August 2016: The Curse of Fatherhood

September 2016: A Remarkable Chess Family

October 2016: Capricious Artist, Pillar of Strength

November 2016: A Dutch Chess Syndicate

December 2016: World Championship Trivia



January 2015: Where Are the Russians?

February 2015: Kasparov vs. Lomonosov

March 2015: The Great Forgetting

April 2015: Time Management

May 2015: Rules, Codes, Deceptions

June 2015: Bad News for the Max Euwe Center

July 2015: In the Confession Box

August 2015:  Prelude to a Wedding

September 2015: A Remarkable Family

October 2015:  Two Dutch Leningraders

November 2015: Tireless Youth

December 2015: In Honor of Max Euwe