Chess Words of Wisdom
The Principles, Methods and Essential Knowledge of Chess


Chess Words of Wisdom
The Principles, Methods and Essential Knowledge of Chess


by Mike Henebry

534 pages, Softcover
SRP: $24.95 [formerly $34.95]
ISBN: 978-1-936490-32-5 [formerly 978-0-9827411-0-8]

NB: In August 2011, Chess Words of Wisdom, originally published by The Chess Press, became a Russell Enterprises title with a lower SRP and new ISBN number.


Do You Truly Want to Understand Chess?

Chess Words of Wisdom is made up of the crucial information mined from over 400 chess books (plus hundreds of magazine articles, vides, DVDs, web sites and various other sources) all condensed into this one remarkably complete, and one-of-a-kind, chess book.

Chess Words of Wisdom quotes, paraphrases and summarizes the teachings of hundreds of experts, masters, IMs, GMs and eve a few scientists, scholars and generals. Essentially, all of the wisdom from thes important sources is in this one book! Chess Words of Wisdom is a digest of hundreds of years of chess knowledge from the greatest chess minds in history. This is the must-know information for the well-schooled chessplayer at all levels, from beginner to master.

Chess Words of Wisdom is unique in that it is all text. There are no diagrams or analysis at all in the book. There is not a single game in the entire book! Instead, the book is jam-packed with essential chess knowledge… in plain English!

If you want to learn, if you want to thoroughly understand chess, Chess Words of Wisdom is for you. Chess Words of Wisdom is about "understanding" chess. There are no frills, cartoons or nonsense of any kind in it… just intense, cover-to-cover, concentrated chess instruction in the form of verbal explanation.

This is an ideal textbook for chess teachers, coaches, trainers and all serious students of the game. It is for players of all strengths who are enthusiastic about understanding and mastering the game of chess.

A massive, 534-page chess book, it belongs in every serious chessplayer's library. It contains all of the useful, practical, information from over 400 chess books (plus many other sources). As a result, it contains more helpful information than certainly any other chess book in history. This is one-volume treatise covers nearly all of the essential concepts in chess.

Being all text, you can take it with you wherever you go and read it (without a board). You can read it in your recliner, on a train, at the beach, in a restaurant, in the bathtub... almost anywhere (although probably not in the shower or while driving). You might be wondering if, without variations and examples, it can be easily comprehended. Well, isn't visualization and doing things in your head at the very core of playing chess (not to mention the learning process itself)? Actually, the information is more likely to be retained by conceptualizing it. To see if you can understand without examples, you can try a few sample pages (see "Sample Pages" below). While you're at it, don't forget to look at the "Introduction" and "Contents" to get an idea just how comprehensive the book is.

Is this book for all chessplayers? Actually, it should be very beneficial for almost all chess players from beginner up to about the master level. This book is for serious students of the game. It is also ideal for chess teachers. It is not an entertaining book. If you want entertainment, this is not the book for you. It is a textbook designed for the purpose of dispensing chess knowledge and, at that, it is hard to beat.

"All you need to know about everything that matters!" (New In ChessMagazine)

"Kudos! Just glanced through your book which displays an enormous amount of research and chess erudition. Looking forward to some enjoyable reading..." (the late Larry Evans, U.S. grandmaster, author, journalist, and five-time U.S. Chess Champion)

"'s definitely unique in its verbal approach, which is particularly useful especially to adults learning the game." (Jennifer Shahade, author, journalist, two-time U.S. Women's Chess Champion and FIDE woman grandmaster)

"Your book addresses the teachable portion of chess wisdom. Very commendable! Your readers will be off to a good start, and the rest is up to them." (Jack Peters, International Master, Chess Columnist, Los Angeles Times)

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