For Friends & Colleagues
Volume 1: Profession - Chess Coach


For Friends & Colleagues
Volume 1: Profession - Chess Coach


by Mark Dvoretsky

386 pages
Hardcover, Signed & Numbered, Limited Edition
ISBN: 978-1-941270-09-7
SRP: $89.95

ISBN: 978-1-941270-02-8
SRP: $29.95


The Mark of a Master Instructor

Mark Dvoretsky has long been considered one of thepremier chess coaches and trainers in the world. He is renowned for taking talented masters and forging them into world-class grandmasters and champions.

His literary achievements are also quite distinguished. For example, Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual, soon to be released in a fourth edition, established itself as the sine qua non of endgame theory from the moment it appeared over a decade ago.

This accomplished chess instructor and author now shares his story in a ground-breaking two-volume set. You are invited to share his journey from his childhood and maturing into a strong master, to his participation in the powerful Soviet championships and then, his transition to full-time chess coach.

Along the way, Dvoretsky pulls no punches with his commentary and insights about the all-encompassing Soviet chess machine, top-flight grandmasters,  and his trials and tribulations as he helped develop “average” masters into world-class players.

Special Signed and Numbered Edition!!

There will be a Special Edition of the first volume. While the first volume will be available as a high-quality softcover book, the Special Edition will feature:

  • A limited run of 500 copies.
  • Each copy will be numbered, with a library-quality hard cover binding with dust jacket.
  • Each copy will be signed by Mark Dvoretsky!!

This is your chance to own a genuine piece of chess history! Contact your favorite chess book dealer and reserve your copy now. Both the standard softcover edition and the Special Signed and Numbered Edition are expected to be available in September. The Special Signed and Numbered Edition will carry a suggested retail price of $89.95.

NB: In 2009, when Russell Enterprises released a special numbered edition (not signed by the author) of the book Bobby Fischer: The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion by Karsten Mueller, it sold out in four days!

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