The Chess Puzzle Book 4
Mastering the Positional Principles


The Chess Puzzle Book 4
Mastering the Positional Principles


by Karsten Mueller and Alexander Markgraf
Foreword by Mark Dvoretsky
Softcover, 184pp.
ISBN: 978-1-936490-52-3
SRP: $19.95


You Have the Advantage!
Now What??

Welcome to The Chess Puzzle Book 4! – It mostly deals with the important technical question of how to convert a static advantage.

As noted by Mark Dvoretsky in his Foreword: "I cannot think of any books with high-quality exercises regarding such topics as domination, the 'do not hurry' principle, the principle of two weaknesses, etc., all of which are discussed by Mueller and his co-author Alexander Markgraf ... I hope that you enjoy this new book by Müller and Markgraf and I encourage you to seriously study the positions discussed in the book. As a result, you will significantly progress in your understanding of chess and improve your results."

Topics include: Prophylaxis, The Principle of Two Weaknesses, The Right Exchange, Domination, Do Not Rush, and Converting an Advantage. There are also many well-chosen exercises with comprehensive solutions to help guide and instruct the reader.

The Chess Puzzle Book 4 is the fourth volume in the series formerly known as the ChessCafe Puzzle Books.


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